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CRP 100 Black

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HM CRP 100 Black polyethylene or CRP100 material is a heavy polyethylene copolymer class PE100. This grade has a high ESCR and also high long-term hydrostatic resistance for the production of high-pressure pipes or (polyethylene pipe CRP 100 Black) is suitable for gas, drinking water, agriculture and sewage.


HM CRP 100 Black polyethylene grade is a thermoplastic polymer that belongs to the polyethylene family. Among all type of polyethylene, this grade is high density polyethylene and is therefore a heavy polyethylene. The process in which this grade is used is extrusion. High-density polyethylene has branched polymer chains, so the intermolecular strength in chains is high and its tensile strength is higher than other grades of polyethylene.

Heavy extrusion polyethylene grade HM CRP 100 Black is one of Jam Petrochemical products. Jam Petrochemical is the largest polymer producer in Iran. This grade is also known as CRP 100 B for short.

The uses of this grade are limited and basically the design of this material has been done for use in certain applications. HM CRP 100 Black grade is used to produce various types of pipes, especially high-pressure water and gas pipes. Its black color is due to the fact that it is less exposed to sunlight and ultraviolet rays than the colorless polymer, and the black (colored) polymer has a much longer lifespan.


To produce this grade, in addition to carbon black, lubricants, antioxidants and sponge acid have been added to optimize its various chemical and physical properties and facilitate the process of working with this grade.

CRP 100 produced by Jam Petrochemical Company is exported in 25 kg packages to the applicant and buyer countries of this polymer product.

Regarding the storage of this grade of pipe, it is recommended that this material be stored in a cool, dry and dark condition. According to Jam Petrochemical officials, if this pipe grade is maintained properly, the characteristics of this grade for work processes will remain constant for at least 18 months and will not change.


Avidan Petrochemical Trading Company is ready to export various petrochemical products, including CRP 100 export, supply and sale of CRP 100 heavy polyethylene, and export of petrochemical and petroleum products to various countries around the world.

For more information on how to export petroleum and petrochemical products at reasonable prices and quality, and how to supply these materials and other polymers, please contact Avidan Trading Company.

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