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Export of black masterbatch

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Export of black masterbatch is performed as one of the most widely used additives by Avidan Petrochemical Products Trading Company.

What is a masterbatch?

Masterbatch is a widely used material in the petrochemical industry that is used to create different colors in products and improve the quality of plastic materials. Masterbatch is a combination of a polymer base, a compatible agent, and chemical additives.

Its polymer base is like plastic and looks like granules.

Masterbatches are generally a combination of a thermoplastic material and a powder. In cases where it is necessary to add materials to the polymer in powder form and the addition of pure powder causes dust, masterbatches are used.

Features and applications of black export masterbatch

One type of masterbatch is the black subscriber, which uses soot to produce it. Black is one of the most popular colors for exporting masterbatches, which is obtained by adding industrial soot or carbon black to this type of export masterbatch. Industrial soot belongs to the carbon family and is produced through special processes and conditions.

Common brands for this type of masterbatch are ADBON, CYPOL, PB, PO. These materials contain 25 to 50% of carbon black, which also has a good dispersion. In some products it has been approved as a lubricant and in some products, it has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

For the production of polyethylene pipes, polyethylene films, products that are produced through the process of plastic injection and the production of auto parts, home appliances, wires and cables, cartons and sacks, nylon and polyester yarn, TV frames, telephones Mobile and … use it.

The better the number of additives and the type of soot distribution in this masterbatch, the higher the gloss, the deeper the color, the easier the flow and the better the mechanical and physical properties, and usually the export of black masterbatch with high gloss and color by Companies exporting petrochemical products, such as Avidan Trading Company.

Types of masters:

Masterbatches are divided into three categories: color, additive and filler.

1- Colored masters:

Colored plastic parts are produced using colored masterbatches. These masterbatches are composed of pigments that contain inorganic and organic pigments and a compatible agent that is used to better disperse the pigments and also stabilize the polymers. The third component of the color masterbatch includes a polymer base (mostly polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, ethylene vinyl, alkyd polymers, as well as other special polymers), which makes the pigments uniform and the products easier to form.

2- Add-on masterbatch:

Additive masterbatch is used to create physical and chemical properties in the desired products.

Additive masterbatch is classified into different categories that cause certain changes in products. Below are some of the types of additive masterbatches.

  • Lubricating masterbatch
  • Shine masterbatch
  • Light stabilizing masterbatch
  • Fire masterbatch
  • Adhesion masterbatch
  • Anti-fog masterbatch
  • Impact masterbatch


3- Filler masterbatch:

This type of masterbatch improves the properties of masterbatch and reduces its price. Talc and calcium carbonate masterbatches are examples of this filler masterbatch.

Avidan commercial services include export of black masterbatch, sale of black masterbatch, supply of various masterbatch.

For more detailed information on how to sell and supply various types of black export masterbatches as well as different types of masterbatches, with Avidan Trading Company, exporter of various petrochemical products, to countries such as Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE Contact Arabic and … benefit from our free consultation.

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