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Export of HP552R polypropylene

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Export of HP552R polypropylene is as one of the most widely used polypropylenes by Avidan Chemicals Trading Company. This article will explain about It.

Polypropylenes have two subsets of homopolymer polypropylene and copolymer polypropylene. Copolymers are also divided into two categories: block copolymers and random copolymers.

Impact resistance in block copolymer is higher than random copolymer.


Polypropylene Homopolymer, abbreviated as Homo PP, is a transparent, odorless, or mildly waxy thermoplastic.

HP552R polypropylene is one of the types of homopolymer polypropylene that can be used in extrusion and textile process due to its high melt flow index (MFI).

It is used in the production of non-woven fabrics, diapers, home appliances, sportswear, staple fibers, non-woven textiles, BCF fibers, CF fibers, single-strand fibers, medical and health products, and in more resistant cases in the production of bag straps. And backpacks and seat belts are used.


The plastic cover of home appliances is also made of HP552R polypropylene. Other products of this material are sportswear of various qualities that are produced in the textile industry. Some types of carpets and rugs are also made of HP552R polypropylene, which have good beauty and strength. All kinds of bags and backpacks in workshops are also produced and marketed by this material.


This material can be in contact with food, and health and has the appropriate approval for food and Food Grade

Homo PP is the most widely used grade of propylene and therefore there is a great demand of export HP552R polypropylene from Iran to different countries of the world.


Homopolymer polypropylene contains only propylene monomer and is in semi-crystalline solid form. Because polypropylene homopolymer is made only by polymerization of propylene, it has a uniform structure and therefore has excellent strength and thermal resistance.

Compared to light or heavy polyethylene, homopolymer polypropylene has less impact resistance, but has a very high temperature and tensile strength. Homo PP has excellent resistance to organic solvents, degreasing agents and electrolyte disturbances due to its excellent chemical resistance in corrosive environments. Polypropylene is a lightweight homopolymer, stain resistant and has a low moisture absorption rate.


One of the remarkable properties of this chemical is its very high weight tolerance. HP552R polypropylene is widely used in a variety of industrial, sanitary and manufacturing applications due to its feature. Among these cases, we can mention its use in the production of bulky bags. Another notable feature of this chemical is its resistance to corrosion, which makes it a very suitable choice for chemical and high humidity environments for industrial and food production.

It is also non-toxic and does not pose a danger to the environment. HP552R polypropylene has high processability and becomes a good end product. This material has high tensile strength and does not easily tear and stretch. Polypropylene HP552R is one of the most widely used chemicals in industry, which is used to produce a variety of products. This material is also widely used for the production of single-strand plastic fibers.


Export of HP552R polypropylene from Iran

HP552R polypropylene is exported by Avidan Trading Company and is usually one of the best HP552R producers in Iran such as Jam Petrochemical, Maroon Petrochemical and Shazand Petrochemical. HP552R Jam Pillen is one of the most popular products of Jam Petrochemical, which is usually the most in demand of this product.


Part of the services of Avidan Trading Company include:

Sale of HP552R polypropylene and especially HP552R jelly

Import of polypropylene homopolymer

Export of HP552R materials

Supply of polypropylene

For more information about supply, price and export of HP552R polypropylene, contact Avidan Chemicals Trading Company.

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