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Introduction of manufacturers of caustic soda flake (98% purity)

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Caustic soda flakes or caustic soda solids (sodium hydroxide), is a substance with high alkalinity, which is produced in both liquid and solid forms, and manufacturers of Caustic soda flakes (sodium hydroxide flakes) market its solid form. Production of caustic soda flakes in Iran is widespread and in different parts of the country.

These producers, by supplying raw materials from petrochemicals, produce a very important and practical material for various industries and export their products that have international standards abroad.

Caustic soda flakes was first discovered before the birth of Christ and was used to make soap. But this material is widely used today and has a colorful role in various industries.

Perfume soda, which is a solid, flaky substance, has a high alkalinity; This factor causes the corrosive property of caustic soda and the necessary safety and protection measures should be taken when working with this chemical.

Manufacturers of caustic soda peels enter the market in solid form. The appearance of this material is white and transparent crystals. This substance usually does not have a specific odor. It is non-volatile and can absorb moisture in the air well.

One feature that should be noted is that the when, combined with acid or water, produces intense heat that may even spread around.

Caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) is known by the brand name of caustic soda and the scientific name of sodium hydroxide (NaOH). The purity of flake burner determines its quality, and sodium hydroxide flakes with a purity of more than 98% can be considered the best type of this product, which is produced by some manufacturers of caustic soda flake.

The beneficial properties of flakes allow the material to be stored under certain conditions. Peeling soda is very reactive and absorbs carbon dioxide rapidly in the presence of air and humidity, with this action, the purity and quality of peeling soda is greatly reduced and its appearance is changed and clumps in comes.

The benefit of flakes is solvent in water, and when dissolved in water, it also produces a lot of heat energy, which can be dangerous. Therefore, it should be kept away from water.

Sodium hydroxide should be away from air and moisture, for this purpose, it is kept in laminated or PVC double-walled bags, which are also sewn with plastic threads.

Baking soda should be kept away from metals and other chemicals. Liquid caustic soda is frozen at a temperature of 10 to 12 degrees Celsius, so the temperature of its transport tanks should be about 25 degrees.

Sodium hydroxide absorbs less pollution than liquid soda, so its quality is better maintained. In general, storage, transportation of hydroxide is much cheaper and easier than liquid flakes

Flake variety of flakes production methods used by caustic soda producers

The sodium hydroxide production line in the companies producing soda ash uses different methods to produce this substance. In general, there are three methods of electrolysis in the preparation of sodium hydroxide, each of which has advantages and disadvantages.

Production of sodium hydroxide by electrolysis of sodium chloride using mercury produces a chlorine-free and purer product, but the high volume of mercury poses a serious risk to the environment.

The membrane method, which is another form of salt water electrolysis, is also expensive; Therefore, in Iran to produce sodium hydroxide, salt electrolysis using a diaphragm is used.

In this method, chlorine gas is used and the product produced also contains chlorine. To achieve better quality, it is necessary to concentrate the produced product to increase its purity.

Caustic soda usage in Industry


North America and China are among the countries with the highest consumption of this substance. Sodium hydroxide is used in the production of rayon.


Sodium hydroxide is actually coming from chlorine. Research has shown that if one ton of chlorine is produced, it can produce twenty-eight kilograms of hydrogen and one thousand one hundred kilograms of sodium hydroxide.


In order to have suitable glass and aluminum, factories must use first-class materials. For this reason, the producer of caustic soda needs to provide high quality sodium hydroxide to factories. Glass factories must use the sodium hydroxide flakes fertilizer to produce their products.

Industries are another thing that should benefit from the existence of this material. Many doctors and pharmacists have realized the importance of flakes in the medical world and use this substance to produce some drugs.


Paper making is the most used in our country. The use of transparent and quality paper is demanded by everyone. For this reason, people who work in the paper industry benefit from the existence of profitable sodium hydroxide flakes fertilizer. In order to produce quality paper at a low cost, they definitely make a sodium hydroxide flakes fertilizer and use it to improve their production.

Peach soda can also be used as a detergent. Some carpet cleaners use flakes to avoid the extra cost of having a strong detergent. In addition, this material can be used for disinfection and washing in homes.


It is used to produce ceramics, soap, rosé, olive bitterness, pipe opener, oil refining, alcohol production, etc. It is enough to learn the right ways to use it so as not to make mistakes and create danger.

The top producer of sodium hydroxide in Iran

Sodium hydroxide is produced and marketed with the following specification:

  • It has a crystalline state or similar to sugar and salt grains.
  • It has a high degree of difficulty.
  • Has good reactivity.
  • Can be easily deformed.
  • Has good resistance to temperature changes.
  • Will maintain its condition against cold weather.
  • Includes relatively high diversity.
  • It has a standard and suitable density.
  • Can be easily melted at high temperatures and then used.
  • Helps preserve food and non-food items.

One of the companies producing perk profits in Iran is Bandar Imam Company, which started its activity in 2001 by using two production lines, and then, due to the efforts of employees along with the growing goals of collection management, was able to In 2003, by adding 4 more production lines, it will reach the production capacity of 100 tons of solid caustic soda per day.

Also, Chloran and Nirochlor Chemical Company is one of the other producers of caustic soda in Iran, which produces and markets high quality products.

Avidan Chemicals Trading Company is ready to prepare and export all kinds of high purity flakes to present to different countries around the world.

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