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Export Bitumen 6070 in middle east

"Export Bitumen 6070 in middle east" as well as all over the world, China, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, ...
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Export of oil products from the Middle East

In the past decades, the Middle East region has become the most important region in the world in ...
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Export of polyethylene compound

Export of polyethylene compound is one of the services provided by Avidan Chemicals Trading Company. This product is ...
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Exporting of PVC S65

Polyvinyl chloride S6558 or PVC S65 is a type of high-density suspension PVC that is used for various ...
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Export of HP552R polypropylene

Export of HP552R polypropylene is as one of the most widely used polypropylenes by Avidan Chemicals Trading Company ...
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Export of black masterbatch

Export of black masterbatch is performed as one of the most widely used additives by Avidan Petrochemical Products ...
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Introduction of manufacturers of caustic soda flake (98% purity)

Caustic soda flakes or caustic soda solids (sodium hydroxide), is a substance with high alkalinity, which is produced ...
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Export of petrochemical materials

Export of petrochemical materialsThere are different types of petrochemical materials, and due to this diversity, the export of ...
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CRP 100 Black

HM CRP 100 Black polyethylene or CRP100 material is a heavy polyethylene copolymer class PE100. This grade has ...
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General Types of Pipe Granules

Polyethylene nowadays is one of the most important raw materials in the construction of water, sewage, gas and ...
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